Now Seeking Commissions!

If you would like to commission your own painting, please use the form on this page to describe what subject and size you’re interested in.

Price ranges below are estimates only. The final price will be determined after evaluating your request.

    Small (300-400 area, e.g. 16″x20″, 20″x20″)
    Medium (500-900 area, e.g. 20″x30″, 30″x30″)
    Large (1000-1500 area, e.g. 24″x48″, 20″x50″)
    Very Large (1500+ area, e.g. 48″x48″, etc.)

    Small… Panel $350, Canvas $475, +$100 for portraits
    Medium… Panel $700, Canvas $800-$900, +$150 for portraits
    Large… Panel $1000, Canvas $1200-$1400, +$200 for portraits
    Very Large… Panel $1400+, Canvas $1600+, +$250 for portraits

    Prices will be higher for personalized paintings, e.g. portraits of family members, as compared to portraits of famous people. Thanks for your interest!

    Browse past commissions here.